Shouse to Shouse

Grantor: Earl H. Shouse and Vera M. Shouse (his wife) to

Grantee: Earl H. Shouse and Vera M. Shouse (his wife)

First Parcel: 100 acres (house and barn located here)
Second Parcel: 54 acres

The purpose of this deed is unclear. Perhaps seeing an earlier deed would provide some insight. They did get married in between these deeds and Vera may not be on earlier deeds. This is the first deed available online. All earlier deeds require a visit to the Butler County Courthouse.

Unionville Road (the road to Unionville) is herein referred to as the Brush Creek Public Road.
Unionville on Google
Of course, from Unionville, it was known as the Glen Eden Road, or the road to Glen Eden.

Deed Book Volume: 2730
Page: 977-472

Previous Instrument:
Deed Book Volume:
Page: 85

14 September 1973