Ghost Rails VI

About the Ghost Rails VI Index

This index was created for those of us that have paged through Ghost Rails VI at least once, then later found ourselves trying to find something that we know is in there, somewhere. With no index, we had to zip through the entire book again. You might recall that something is near the front, or the back or somewhere in the middle, but without an index, it has been difficult subsequently finding things. Hopefully you will find this index helpful.

The index is a work in progress.

Ghost Rails VI Index

Note that this list is incomplete.

14th Street Trestle: 212

80 Pound T Rail: 36 (Might come in handy for model railroaders)

Accidents: 12, 99, 118, 133, 137, 168, 174, 176, 186, 199, 202-203, 220

Agreement: 64

AJAX Tool Car: 26

Alexander Hotel: 105

Allen Bridge: 169, 262

Ambridge: 250-252

Autumn Crossing: 271

Bankruptcy: 20-23

Beaver: 239

Beaver Falls: 227-229, 266-267

Beaver Falls Freight Station: 61, 224-225

Beaver Valley Traction: 223, 231-233

Double Track

On page 103 the end of the first sentence states: "it is believed the double track section was not yet completed."

If this section were expected to receive double tracks, wouldn't they have installed double track style poles? To switch this area to double track, you would have to take the original track out of service to install the center style poles. This comment does not seem to add up given the existing electrical construction..