Judy Sutton

First Ladies of Western Pennsylvania

Submitted by CTHS on October 31, 2018 - 12:29 am

Our last speaker’s program for 2018 is about important women in Western Pennsylvania, thus entitled First Ladies of Western Pennsylvania. For some reason, in current times, an important achievement by women is lauded as a great step for mankind, almost as if they never happen, like Halley’s Comet only occurring every 79 years, but in reality, women have been doing great things every day for 300 years in America and the same for Western PA. While behind the scenes nationally; John Adams and James Madison were mere statesmen without Abigail or Dolley.

Event Date
November 11, 2018 - 2:00 pm
Event Location
Council Chambers
Cranberry Township Municipal Center
2525 Rochester Road
Cranberry Township, PA 16066