Crider's Corners

Crider's Corners is named after Jacob Crider who purchased land in the southeast corner of the Pittsburgh Mercer Road and Mars Road, as seen in the extract from the Cranberry Township map of 1874 shown below.

Portion of 1874 Map Showing Crider's Corners

Glen Eden

Glen Eden is perhaps the least known of Cranberry's 4 hamlets. It does not appear on the 1874 map, which shows the Ogle Post Office and residents Crider and Henderson in place. Glen Eden appears on the 1941 (portion shown below) and 1959 Butler County maps. The origin of the name is unknown, however it is interesting to note that Moses Bartram, the original patentee of three parcels (lots 67, 68 & 69) totaling 638 acres and 12 perches [1] in the Glen Eden area, also was original patentee of Alexander [2] lot 88, which he named "Eden".


Ogle is a well known hamlet, appearing by reference on the 1874 map as the Ogle Post Office, then managed by Postmaster Thomas Robinson on the Pittsburgh Mercer Road now Dutilh Road in the area of Bud's Suds, aka the first Fire Station. The Ogle PO would have 2 additional Postmasters and locations. Some may recall the old house that once stood on the south side of Unionville Road near the red brick Meeder farmhouse.